Tecra selected in the project “Made in Italy in the UAE and in SAUDI ARABIA”

Tecra selected in the project “Made in Italy in the UAE and in SAUDI ARABIA”

Tecra is proud to announce that next July 2024 the new project denominated “Made in Italy in the UAE and Saudi Arabia” and promoted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE will start.

Our company has been selected among other partner companies with the aim to develop important partnerships with local entities willing to invest in Made in Italy products.

Thanks to a representative office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to a showroom and a local agent, Tecra will be able to assure a continuous presence and a constant and lasting support.

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Mrs Nadia Bensmir – n.bensmir@icloud.com – 00971.558214547

You can also make an appointment at our office in Dubai:

48 BURJ GATE, 10TH FLOOR, ROOM °1001, DOWNTOWN, DUBAI (EAU) – 00971.73216260/00971.432162609



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The Italian Chamber of commerce in the UAE promoted an ambitious business project with the aim of giving important business opportunities to selected Italian Companies and letting them enter the UAE and Saudi Arabian market taking advantage of the Chamber staff support and experience.
It is a significant opportunity for Italian companies to establish new business relationships with local operators willing to invest in Made in Italy products considered as quality and highly competitive goods.

UAE market has always been an attractive and strategic hub in the world Nowadays, more than ever, considering the historical period and the economic and infrastructural development the Gulf area is experiencing. openness to Western economic operators shown and their involvement in important projects is turning out to be the keystone.

On one side there are Dubai e Abu Dhabi that have got an avantgarde infrastructural system and they are also situated in a strategic geographical position in terms of commercial exchanges, on the other side there is Saudi Arabia that, thanks to the so called Saudi Vision 2030, is investing a lot in mega-projects; thus, supporting business relationships. In general, it can be said that now they are certainly one of the crucial hub for international trade.

Thanks to the Chamber staff and the local presence of agents representing all selected companies, Italian companies will have the advantage to go at potential customers strategically and reliably seizing all emerging business opportunities.
The fact of having a dedicated showroom for any participating company and a representative office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will assure a constant and forthcoming presence to local operators arousing their interest. These aspects are extremely important if companies want to establish real business relationships and enhance negotiation success.

Furthermore, the presence of a local agent represents a plus because since he is part of the same culture of the potential customer, he perfectly knows customs, traditions and business strategies used in the Gulf area. The positive consequence is an increase and improvement in confidence, in the good image of the Italian counterpart and in reliability. All these aspects together enhance both the establishment of new contacts and their success.

Another point to consider is the fact that face-to face human contacts are still preferred when having business relationships with local operators because in the Middles East culture significant importance is given to the human aspect; and, in turn, this is the reason why a local agent means guarantee, reassurance and not improvisation.

In this highly competitive, difficult-to-approach, but attractive scenario Tecra has been selected to promote its products with the possibility to arrange also meetings with its local agent in the office od Dubai and Abu Dhabi.



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