Chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical fields enclose different kinds of industrial businesses. All of the 3 sectors deal with chemical substances treatment that are, then, treated in different ways to be used for different purposes.

Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industrial plants required strict requirements in terms of endurance, security and efficiency. It is therefore essential to use materials that meet and ensure these requirements. This sector, together with the oil&gas field, represents the industry where our products are mainly used;

even if, among the three ones, the petrochemical industry is the master in our core business. Petrochemical industry has as its primary aim the production of semi-finished goods starting from natural gas or hydrocarbon by-products that are, in turn, obtained from oil refining. The result are not products intended for end users, but goods that will undergo further transformations in order to be used for specific purposes by the end user. For this reason, starting from natural gas and oil (raw materials) can be obtained several substances that are at the basis, of solvents, medicines and synthetic substances.

Petrochemical plants usually have big dimensions because they not only and not so much consist of the processing plant, but also of kilometric pipelines for the transportation of raw materials form refineries to the plants.

The types of tubes required are of different kind.

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Realizzazione di valvole DBB - barre tonde in UNS S32750 - pipe senza saldatura in UNS31254
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Progetto per realizzazione pompe ad alta pressione - tubing in barre ad alta pressione senza saldatura in acciaio inox 316L
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Progetto di espansione della stazione di rifornimento a SOFIA - tubi di rame in barre ad alta pressione
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Progetto di ricostruzione e modernizzazione di HAOR - tubing in barre senza saldatura in acciaio inox 316L
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Raffineria di Litvinov - tubing in barre senza saldatura in AISI 316L
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