Quality Policy

Aware of the importance and need of having a quality management system, Tecra management decided to adopt a system according to ISO 9001:2015.

The aim the company wants to achieve is the search, the care and the attention to the characteristics of the products and services it supplies to the market in order to improve theirs customers level of satisfaction and share the current and existing environmental policies.

To achieve the goals set in its quality management system, Tecra not only and not so much evaluate its customers, but it also assesses the entire context and all that could be involved and could influence the achievement of the goals themselves.

In this sense Tecra believes that only adopting this management tool together with a general organizational improvement and the work processes control it will be able to fulfill the aims of the economic growth and development of the company beside the maintenance of the employments levels.

ISO 9001:2015 management system is the right strategy to start this improvement process. Periodical audits and changes have also been planned to improve the processes more and more and let Tecra be competitive on the market with success.

This policy is applied to the activities belonging to the corporate object.

Tecra guarantees that its quality policy is shared, respected and carried out at all levels of the company through in-house training.

In order to achieve the set goals, the management is committed to:

  • Promoting adequate employees training
  • Fostering employees awareness and engagement
  • Guaranteeing a model of development that relies on adequate tools
  • Enhancing a process methodology and for each process it will be essential to evaluate related risks and opportunities
  • Defining suitable and appropriate goals and indicators
  • Evaluating customer’s needs to best fulfill them and, thus, foster company competitiveness